See you all there!
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Dodging Bullets (Live atUniversity of Auckland Songwriter of the Year 2013)

Thanks UofA School Of Music, and all those who took part and came to the show - was a fun night! 

Shona :)

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Stoked to have spent some time at KiwiFM with Charlotte Ryan this month! Such a chill and fun chat. Getting real excited for Songwriter of the Year now, hope to see your faces there! Blessings to you :)

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I sat in Maidment Theatre 4 years ago with a pink ukulele and a (really ugly) floral top watching the first ever University of Auckland Songwriter of the Year Competition and thinking, ‘man…I wanna do this one day!’ 
Man…that day is the 3rd of October!
I wanna invite y’all to the Songwriter of the Year Final, in which I am a finalist, along with some spectacular musicians! It’s one of the most anticipated events of the year for us in the School of Music and a great night for music in general!
For details, click here
Gonna be updating y’all on our prep for the night - it’s gonna be wild ride! Chur :)
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My new sounds:

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Stoked to be a part of No Dreamers’ debut gig! Come along for some great music and people and all that other great stuff :) Event details here!
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This is crazy cool, breaking barriers between artist and audience. Yet I’m not so sure about the class barriers…would have been cool to see it done with less celebs and more of us ‘ordinary people’. 

Anyway, this brings a whole new level to performance. Awesome song by Jay Z too. 

got asked in class what kind of artists we wanted to be. and then this song popped up in my head. 

hope you’re blessed by this song today, and dance to it like a madman…cause I certainly am!

I know I won’t be the first one to say this, but this is how the royal family should have totally announced it. Congrats royal family! Please name your baby boy Simba, too! 

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